9th Annual Bama Coast Cruisin' • April 26, 27 & 28, 2018

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2017 “Top 40” Winners

We appreciate all of our exhibitors who joined us for a weekend of good friends and good fun in the sun! Without them, none of this would be possible. Our goal with Bama Coast Cruisin’ was to build an inclusive show that welcomes anyone who loves cars and enjoys cruisin’ the open road. Each year two ISCA Judging Officials select the “Top 40″ vehicles in our show. The award is not broken down into any categories. Instead, it recognizes those exhibitors who have gone the extra mile in the craftsmanship of their vehicle. Below are this year’s Top 40 Winners presented in no certain order.

Robert Mayes 1955 Chevy
Frank Matis 1965 Chevy II
Keith Lange 1941 Willys
John Scarbrough 1956 Chevy Conv
David & Pam Kountz 1970 Camaro
Sonny & Debbie Freeman 1933 Ford
Mike Goldman 1932 Ford
Glenn Sealy 1968 Camaro
Jerry Anderson 1939 Ford
Greg Miller 1955 Chevy
Wesley Stephens 1950 Chevy
Steve Misencik 1954 Chevy Conv
Jason Barnes 1971 Chevy Pickup
Yancey Busby 1962 Impala Wagon
Buddy Hillard 1960 Corvette
Sonny & Debbie Freeman 1967 Corvette
James Jeter 1965 Mustang
Thurman Parker 1963 Falcon
Bob Turner 1965 Shelby
Don Crowe 1970 Chevelle
Benny McDaniel 1955 Chevy
Kody Lyons 1979 Camaro
Gordon Vickers 1959 Corvette
Mike & Julie Williamson 1954 Chevy Pickup
Kirk Peterson 1957 Chevy Pickup
Tom Farish 1953 Ford Pickup
Carl Still 1972 Chevy Pickup
Benny & Stephanie Sanchez 1956 Chevy
Adrian Walden 1957 Corvette
Mike Leggio 1978 Trans Am
Jim Bomar 1965 Cobra
Janet Black 1937 Cadillac
Richard & Paige Udell 1934 Ford
Rick Christian 1931 Ford
Linda Boudreaux 1967 Chevy II
Michael Boudreaux 1955 Chevy
Randy Powe 1970 Mustang
Bob McCary 1941 Ford Conv
Lee Brantley 1933 Ford
Brian Brasfield 1930 Ford Model A


2017 “Top 10 Contemporary” Winners

The “Top 10 Contemporary” award was created specifically to recognize the best 2000-present year model vehicles at Bama Coast Cruisin’, as selected by our two ISCA Judging Officials. Below are this year’s “Top 10 Contemporary” Award Winners presented in no certain order.

Timothy Newhouse 2010 Camaro
Glenn Kirby 2013 Corvette
Ray Wilhoft 2016 Mustang
Willie Pollock 2015 Corvette
Joe Planson 2015 Corvette
Frank Shrader 2006 Jeep
Ricky Persons 2015 Corvette
Mike Garner 2011 Camaro
Chris Horton 2015 Corvette
John Farmer 2015 Corvette


2017 “Sponsor Pick” and “Special Award” Winners

Twenty two “Sponsor Pick of the Show” awards were given at the 2017 Bama Coast Cruisin’ and two “Special Awards” were given. Below are this year’s “Sponsor Pick” and “Special Award” Winners presented in no certain order.

Sponsor Pick Winners

O’Relly Auto Parts Pick of the Show Jerry Louviere 1966 GTO
Pandion Ridge Pick of the Show Mark Shaw 1995 Mitsubishi
Pelican Place Mall Pick of the Show Steve Jones 1967 Corvette
Sun Rays Suglasses Pick of the Show Bob Slate 2003 Mercury
Cobalt Pick of the Show Kevin Mills 1934 Ford
Cosmos Pick of the Show Matt Baugh 1981 Chevy Pickup
Luna’s Eat & Drink Pick of the Show Emilio Pieora 1971 Chevelle
Tacky Jacks Pick of the Show Dan Miller 1937 Ford
City of Orange Beach Pick of the Show Mickey Fowler 1935 Chevy
CMC Gas Pick of the Show Jeff Alston 1970 Chevelle
Hot Rod Diner Pick of the Show Randall & Debbie Lanclos 1961 Belair
Cruisin Style Mag. Pick of the Show Robert Mayes 1955 Nomad
Gt’s On The Bay Pick of the Show Joey Hinkle 1968 Chevelle
Wildflowers Boutique Pick of the Show Lamar Ard 1961 Corvette
The Wharf Pick of the Show Steven Splawn 1970 Mustang
The Cove Bar & Grill Pick of the Show Donnie Tanner 1932 Ford
The Intracoastal Restaurant Pick of the Show Bobby Price 1969 Camaro
Cactus Cantina Mexican Grill Pick of the Show Jimmy Wallace 1946 Ford Conv
Cotton’s Restaurant Pick of the Show Kenneth Vargas 1967 Mustang
Springhill Suites Pick of the Show Paul Duplantis 1932 Ford Pick of the Show Scott Graham 1969 Camaro
Trailers By Dale Sale Pick of the Show Mark Cuzzola 1937 Ford Pickup


Special Award Winners

Von Hot Rod Pinstriping Award Keith & Jody Fox 1960 Rambler Lark
Best Under 25 Award (Owner under 25 years of age) Jessica Stewart 1979 Trans Am


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